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From ABC News: Find Out How Two Little Boys Just Made a Million Dollars!

Dylan's mission is to cure his best friend Jonah's rare disease and show kids everywhere that their big ideas can change the world. 


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  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Super inspiring Chocolate Bar Talk today at Hershey Elementary School! More than 700 fourth and fifth graders came to see Dylan speak! #SoChocolateBar

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    An amazing story today! Dylan did his first Milton Hershey School “Chocolate Bar Talk” for hundreds of 5th graders (Jonah was under the weather today but on the mend). These students are nothing short of extraordinary. After Dylan’s talk a student came up to him and said he wanted to help and handed Dylan a dollar to donate! Our hope has been that Dylan’s story inspires the kids he meets to do great things, but these children and THEIR stories are inspiring Dylan beyond imagination. We are simply blown away by the students, the faculty and the revelation that is the Milton Hershey School and its capacity to create boundless possibilities for countless children.

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    "The only way to have a friend is to be one" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. An incredible day of inspiration at the remarkable Milton Hershey School.

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Share a fun caption for this HERSHEY'S #sochocolatebar moment. #HersheyPark