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  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Last night Dylan attended the RiSE Lantern Festival where thousands of people wrote their wishes and dreams on lanterns before sending them into the sky. Can you guess what Dylan wished for? #CureGSD

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Here’s a wonderful example of how your support is changing lives and making a huge difference! New cases of GSD are being diagnosed because of the global awareness Chocolate Bar is generating. The adorable little man in the middle is Parker, recently diagnosed in Texas with GSD after his mom heard about Chocolate Bar. Thank you for sharing this sweet story. You can #CureGSD.

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    It is with deep and profound and unimaginable sadness that we inform you of the passing of 13 year old Mendel. Our prayers and love are with Mendel's family.

    Glycogen Storage Disease will be cured with your help and we will do it in honor of Mendel and every child who need not suffer with this disease any longer.
  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Please please please we need everyone's prayers now. As if by divine providence, we found out while in Houston that a 13 year old child with GSD is at Texas Children's Hospital in a coma. We just went to see him and his family.

    His name is Mendel and this is a picture of him from just two weeks ago.

    GSD does not need to exist. Mendel does not need to be in a coma. Right now, what is needed are your prayers. Prayers to bring Mendel home. Prayers to put an end to an incurable childhood disease that with your help will no longer exist.

    Please share your prayer worldwide.

    #BringMendelHome #CureGSD