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The Chocolate Bar book, Dylan, and Jonah have all been featured on local and national media.

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WORLD NEWS WITH DIANE SAWYER, ABC Nightly News - "America Strong" - 8-Year-Old Raises More Than Half A Million Dollars to Cure His Friend Jonah's Rare Liver Disease 

To read the associated article on ABC News' "Medical Unit" Blog, click here.



dylan highlightsHIGHLIGHTS MAGAZINE - Click here to see Dylan featured in Highlights as a "Gallant Kid."







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Dec. 17, 2014: 8-Year-Old Raises More Than $1 Million to Help Cure His Friend's Rare Disease

Feb. 27, 2014: 7-Year-Old Has Raised Over $600,000 to Help Cure His Best Friend's Disease


Huffington Post LogoThis 8-Year-Old Author Has Made Nearly $1 Million in Book Sales to Fight His Best Friend's Disease

 7-Year-Old Boy Raises More than $750,00 to Fight His Best Friend's Disease

Boy, 6, Writes 'Chocolate Bar' Book To Raise $30,000 for Friend With Rare Liver Disease


todayBoy's 'Chocolate Bar' Book Raises $1 to Help Cure Friend's Illness

Boy, 6, Writes Book, Raises $92,000 for Best Pal's Rare Disease

Also, check out the video on Australia's Today Show!


handel200Bill Handel on KFI AM 640: Chocolate Bar Update






ny daily news logo Calif. boy, 7, raises $750,000 for best pal’s rare liver disease: report




abc localLOS ANGELES ABC: Kid Raises Over Half A Million Dollars to Cure a Friend






abc newsABC NEWS: Boy author raises $400K for sick friend







NBC news NBC NIGHTLY NEWS: Two best friends, ages 6 and 7, raise $200,00 to fight rare disease







hlnpngBoy Hopes Chocolate Bars Will Save Best Friend




fox-friends-logoWATCH: 6-Year-Old Dylan Siegel Writes "Chocolate Bar" Book, Raises $92K to Help Sick Friend


 ABC/GOOD MORNING AMERICA/YAHOO NEWS: Boy's Sweet Gesture Gets Huge Response

choc bar yahoo








Boy, 6, Writes 'Chocolate Bar' Book to Help Save Friend




abc news-logo

Boy, 7, Raises More Than $30,000 For Sick Friend 


newstalk 910

A Cherished, Youthful Friendship




Boy, 6, Writes Book to Raise $30K for Sick Friend




 THE DOCTORS: Dylan and Jonah win the "Best Friends for Health" Award!

 kfwbFirst-grader Writes Book to Raise Money for His Sick Friend


Broadcast Media

ABC NEWS: Gainesville Boy Writes Book to Raise Money for Friend with Rare Disease. Go to: watch the video

CBS NEWS: "Boy 6, Helps Friend Fight Rare Liver Disease." Read the story or watch the video:

 CBS NEWS: "The Chocolate Bar Book Signing"


KCAL: "Fundraising for a Friend" 

Print Media

ww logoFriendship is Even More Delicious Than Chocolate: With a big idea and an even bigger heart, six-year-old Dylan raised over $150,000 to help his best friend!


bev hills wklySo Chocolate Bar by BeverlyHillsWeekly

"Los Angeles Boy Helps Ailing Friend -- By Writing 'Chocolate Bar' Book"


"School kids help give their friend sweet support"
(A version of this article also appears in the print edition)



READ AN INTERVIEW on the Bitch'in Suburbia blog with Dylan & Jonah & check out the follow-up a year later, "How to Change The World: Inspiration from Chocolate Bar Book"

JONAH'S DOCTOR, Dr. David Weinstein, wins award -- "UF Pediatrics Professor Receives Humanitarian Award After Nomination by Children Around the World."





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  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    This elementary school had some fun things to share! What’s so chocolate bar to you?

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Bom dia Brasil! É Tão Chocolate! Por favor subscrever o canal, YouTube.

    Vídeo: https://youtu.be/SAr-be7kvcQ

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Please check out this amazing email from the librarian at a school Dylan & Jonah will be visiting:

    "I just wanted to share a bit about our extraordinary week here. I changed my regular curriculum and spent the week preparing all the classes for your visit. Your ChocolateBarBook.com website is brilliant, by the way! Not only are our students really excited, but the videos I shared, and the discussions we subsequently had were amazing. Dylan and Jonah have already touched their hearts and opened their minds big time. I have older kids saying they want to become scientists when they grow up to research cures for rare diseases. Some of the questions were phenomenal, even amongst kindergarteners. And they have plenty more for the boys! Students who have siblings who’d been to the library earlier in the week were raising their hands when they saw the website, sharing that their other sibling had already shared what they’d learned at school with their families. They’ve been taking the information home! Seriously, how many kids talk about their school day with their parents!?! My words don’t do justice. We are all ready, excited and feel privileged that we will be meeting you all in a few weeks."

    Dylan & Jonah are so excited to be able to visit schools and share the Chocolate Bar story!
  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Update: Dylan is still going strong and as determined as ever to raise money until Jonah and everyone with GSD is cured! This video is a reminder of his passion - please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates and new videos on his progress! We deeply appreciate your ongoing support. Share this story!

    Dylan Wants to Cure Jonah

    Please subscribe to our channel by clicking here: http://goo.gl/x9LfNX! We will be adding lots of fun videos all the time! We hope that Chocolate Bar helps k...