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ALL PROCEEDS go directly to the Jonah Pournazarian GSD 1B Fund at the University of Florida. Jonah’s doctor, Dr. David Weinstein, director of the University of Florida’s Glycogen Storage Disease Program, is leading a team doing breakthrough research on this rare childhood disease that until 1971 was fatal. Today, the cure is on the horizon: the missing gene and the carrier virus that can deliver the gene effectively have both been identified. And while you probably don’t know anyone with GSD — a disease that affects one in 100,000, or in Jonah’s case, one in 1,000,000 — this research and work has broad implications for a range of other liver diseases.

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  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Please read and SHARE. As you head into the holidays, please share Dylan & Jonah's story. Dylan is less than $50,000 from his $1 million dollar goal towards curing his best friend. In less than two years, nearly 25k copies of Chocolate Bar, the book have sold in all 50 states and in more than 60 countries, raising over $950,000. 100% of every dollar raised goes to research. Thankfully, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, ABCNews.com, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, Chelsea Clinton, The Huffington Post, Today Show, Today Show Australia, Yahoo, MSN, AOL.COM, People.com, Fox & Friends, RTL Explosiv, Daily Mail, Folha de S.Paulo and many more journalists around the world have covered the story.

    These efforts have:
    1. Financed the hiring of a new geneticist
    2. Paid for studies resulting in new gene therapy treatments
    3. Kept the research facility open and on track to a cure within several years

    Dylan is a humbling part of the solution to a rare genetic disease that has taken countless children’s lives since it was diagnosed in the 1970s. And what’s more, he is helping finance a gene therapy process that will have widespread global implications on other genetic diseases. The success of this cure will prove that gene therapy works and therefore charts a course to changing the face of health care.

    Now that you know it's possible, SHARE this critical mission and help chart that course. First, let's reach Dylan's MILLION DOLLAR GOAL by year's end. That last $50,000 will help the research team finish a final treatment process that will pave the way to human clinical trials beginning in 2016.

    Please help Dylan inspire kids of any age everywhere to see that they too have power and can change the world. Dylan will not stop until Jonah and every child with this disease and their families no longer suffer. #Thanksgiving

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Please read this post. Dylan is less than $50,000 from his $1 million dollar goal. Not a small Thanksgiving miracle! We ask that you SHARE this post with as many of your followers, family and influential people you may know. Spread this story and help Dylan reach his million dollar goal before Christmas. You have all been so generous with your support, your love and your contributions. We are so grateful. We ask now that each one of you that sees this, please share it with your followers. Keep pushing it around the world. Dylan has spent two years working his hardest to get to this place. He is almost there. While Jonah and thousands of others will not yet be cured, this million-dollar goal represents the future. This million-dollar goal proves that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. A little boy set out to cure his best friend’s rare disease and two years later, look what has been accomplished. But he will not stop here. Imagine where he will be in the next several years. Jonah’s disease WILL be cured and all of you will have contributed to this unbelievable event. Push Dylan to one million dollars and get him closer to helping end the suffering of thousands of children and their families around the world. Thank you.

    Chocolate Bar Book
    Chocolate Bar means awesome to the 6 year old author whose goal is to raise money to cure his friend’s rare disease.
  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Jonah said, "I hope this book accomplishes finding a cure for my disease and lots of others so people with diseases can all be cured." Please buy a book now as a gift for someone you love. We're less than $50,000 from Dylan's one million dollar goal so help us get there before the end of the year! Please share. www.ChocolateBarBook.com

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

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