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ALL PROCEEDS go directly to the Jonah Pournazarian GSD 1B Fund at the University of Florida. Jonah’s doctor, Dr. David Weinstein, director of the University of Florida’s Glycogen Storage Disease Program, is leading a team doing breakthrough research on this rare childhood disease that until 1971 was fatal. Today, the cure is on the horizon: the missing gene and the carrier virus that can deliver the gene effectively have both been identified. And while you probably don’t know anyone with GSD — a disease that affects one in 100,000, or in Jonah’s case, one in 1,000,000 — this research and work has broad implications for a range of other liver diseases.

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    Remember Dylan & Jonah challenged HERSHEY'S CEO J.P. Bilbrey to the #ALSIceBucketChallenge? Guess what? J.P. and his Hershey Company team really brought it! Thank you Hershey for your continued support! Check out their #SoChocolateBar video! Don't miss their KissMobile!

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    RiSE Lantern Festival is gonna be #SoChocolateBar! Dylan can't wait to elevate his hopes and dreams to #CureGSD! Who will be there? #RiseFestival

  • Chocolate Bar, The Book

    Did you know that 1 in 25,000 babies born in the U.S and Europe are born with some type of GSD? Please donate and buy a book now - help Dylan & Jonah #CureGSD once and for all.

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